Low Vision Basics - Lighting, Eye Protection, and Magnification

So many times, patients arrive to your office looking for solutions to help with their individual eye condition. We encourage you to make lighting and absorptive lenses a part of your evaluation. These are two of the easiest products to dispense as they mostly rely on patient preference. Many practitioners leave these products in the waiting room so their patients can try them out in the office, either while they are waiting to see you, or while they are checking out.


The right lighting is essential to everyone, not only those who are visually impaired.  Our wide range of lighting solutions are easy to use and even easier to dispense. Whether your patient has low vision or just requires additional light for reading, writing, or crafts an effective lighting solution will make a significant impact on their life. 

Eye Protection

The ImproVision PROSHIELD filter lenses offer protection against harmful UV light while improving contrast and reducing glare. They selectively filter out the blue light while maintaining all other spectral colors. They are designed for indoor and outdoor use and are available in two frame styles and multiple color lenses. Each are also available with added 60% tint.

Our filters come in two styles: wrap-around and fit-over. Wrap-arounds are designed to wear on their own, without spectacles. The fit-overs are designed to wear over spectacles, and offer top and side protection as well.


We offer a wide array of magnification aids that include simple pocket and handheld optical magnifiers and the more versatile digital magnifiers. For your low vision patients, the higher magnification and bright, even lighting is a necessity for their everyday activities. Your patients who may be having difficulty reading menus, food labels, and fine print would benefit from our simple yet effective pocket magnifiers.

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