power tv binocular glasses and case
power tv binocular glasses side view with adjustable wheel

PowerTV 2X Binocular Glasses - New and Improved!


Item #4609

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Please note: as of December 2018, the supplier of our PowerTV glasses have changed, resulting in a new and improved product.

Optelec PowerTV Binocular Glasses are lightweight and adjustable and provide 2X magnification, ideal for distance viewing. These comfortable glasses are perfect for watching television, movies, sporting events or other activities. Using a fully adjustable twin-lens design to set the desired viewing distance, the easy-to-use glasses will maximize the size of your television screen and provide complete enjoyment of multiple activities.


    • Optimal focal distance of 4 ft.
    • Weighs only 2.5oz.
    • Includes protective carrying case
    • Includes a limited one-year warranty

Optelec PowerTV Glasses should not be used while operating a motor vehicle.

What’s new 

  • Overall improved durability – the lenses and temples are sturdy, while still comfortable and lightweight
  • Frame color changed from blue to black, appealing to more users