clearview+ with magnified image of vibrant photo on screen

ClearView+ 22" HD Video Magnifier



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Help your patient regain their independence with Optelec's ClearView+ HD Full HD desktop video magnifier. Reading the morning newspaper, viewing family photos, and enjoying hobbies can all be accomplished with the touch of a button.

Convenient Use: The ClearView+ HD smooth-sliding reading platform helps to navigate around documents. Rest your hands on the ergonomic wrist pad next to the controls while reading. The “one-touch” brake instantly and effortlessly freezes the position of the document so you never lose track of where you were viewing.

Comfortable Close-Proximity Reading: For perfect reading comfort, the ClearView+ HD allows you to adjust the monitor to your preferred position with ease. Move the screen up or down, forward or backward, or tilt it to optimize the distance between your eyes and the images you're viewing. The monitor has an ultra-flexible arm offering 90-degree rotation for column reading.

Simple Controls: Designed specifically for comfort and simplicity, the ClearView+ HD “one-button” main control is located conveniently on the reading platform. Easily adjust images when needed and stay focused on the text. Less frequently used controls can be hidden with a cover.

Excellent HD Imaging: Benefit from Optelec's many years of experience in the development of video magnification to see the sharpest of details among characters or objects, all in high contrast. The ClearView+ HD uses state-of-the-art video processing technology, resulting in smooth character edges, vivid colors, and true color representation.