ergo lux mp mobil handheld high power magnifier kit
ergo lux mp mobil handheld low power magnifier kit

ERGO-Lux MP Mobil Handheld Magnifier Kits



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These trays offer a convenient assortment of ERGO-Lux MP Mobil Handheld Magnifiers in either high or low power options.


  • Lenses with SMD LED lighting (white clear light at 6500K light temperature)
  • Easy-to-feel boost switch provides audible feedback when operated and controls 2 brightness levels for optimized lighting
  • High contrast, even spread of light
  • Ergonomic design and soft-touch zone for extra grip strength and pleasant feel in timeless white/charcoal grey
  • Low energy consumption and easy battery replacement thanks to simple closing mechanism
  • Conveniently integrated lanyard loop
  • Aspheric lightweight lenses
  • 3 AAA alkaline batteries required for use with each magnifier

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This tray contains six high-powered ERGO-Lux MP Mobil magnifiers in the following specifications:

  • 8X/28D 35mm (Item #5836)
  • 7X/24D 55mm (Item #5840)
  • 6X/20D 55mm (Item #5841)
  • 5X/16D 60mm (Item #5843)
  • 5X/16D 35mm (Item #5842)
  • 4X/12D 70mm (Item #5845)

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This tray contains five low-powered ERGO-Lux MP Mobil magnifiers in the following specifications:

  • 2.5X/6D 100mm (Item #5849)
  • 3X/8D 85mm (Item #5847)
  • 3X/8D 100x75mm right-handed (Item #5848R)
  • 4X/10D 75x50mm right-handed (Item #5846R)
  • 5X/12D 35mm (Item #5844)