ERGO Lux reading magnified image of book with power boost light on
ERGO Lux magnifier reading magnified image of book
woman using ERGO Lux magnifier to read menu at restaurant
5847 schweizer ergo lux mp mobil handheld magnifier
5844 schweizer ergo lux magnifier
5846l schweizer ergo lux-magnifier
5841 schweizer ergo lux magnifier
5848l schweizer ergo lux magnifier angled left
5846S schweizer ergo lux magnifier
5837 schweizer ergo lux magnifier
5845 schweizer ergo lux magnifier
5842 schweizer ergo lux magnifier
5836 schweizer ergo lux magnifier
5839 schweizer ergo lux magnifier
5848r schweizer ergo lux magnifier angled right
5838 schweizer ergo lux magnifier
5840 schweizer ergo lux magnifier
5849 schweizer ergo lux magnifier
5846r schweizer ergo lux magnifier angled right
5843 schweizer ergo lux magnifier

ERGO-Lux MP Mobil Handheld Magnifiers


Item #5849

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The Schweizer ERGO-Lux MP Mobil Handheld Magnifier features SMD LED lighting with two brightness levels, thanks to the Power Boost technology, for added flexibility and versatility. The SMD LED light provides a bright, evenly-dispersed, and high contrast light. The ergonomic design places emphasis on comfort and ease of use by using a rubberized grip for the thumb and forefinger, and a larger, rounded handle to support the ball of the hand. The easy-glide switch provides audible and tactile feedback and eliminates flickering. The aspheric lightweight magnifying lens is made of acrylic, scratch-resistant glass. The lens provides a sharply defined, clear image that is further enhanced by SMD LED lighting. The ERGO-Lux MP Mobil line of handheld magnifiers has been engineered for low energy consumption and long-lasting battery life. The battery compartment is designed for easy battery replacement with an attached lid.

**Did you know you can turn this handheld magnifier into a stand magnifier by purchasing the accessory base?  Find it here: ERGO-Base.


  • Four chip surface-mounted light-emitting diode (SMD LED) illumination for superior, shadow-free lighting
  • 6500K light temperature produces a very bright, evenly dispersed white light
  • Ergonomically designed handle to support the ball of the hand, and soft-touch zone with anti-slip guard for thumb and index finger
  • Two brightness levels available due to Multi-Power boost switch
  • Raised switch provides audible feedback
  • SMD LED light never needs replacing
  • Aspheric lightweight magnifying lens provides a sharply defined image
  • Battery cover closes with a distinct click for quick and easy battery replacement
  • Convenient loops for lanyards

Handheld magnifiers are convenient for short-term tasks such as “spot” or single-word reading. They are small, lightweight and portable, but require good coordination to maintain the focal distance, and may not be a good option when both hands are needed.

ERGO-Lux MP Mobil Magnifiers use three AAA batteries (included) and includes a protective microfiber cloth pouch and a two-year warranty.