9253 lighthouse near visual acuity test card second edition
9254 lighthouse near visual acuity test card first edition

PowerCard Near Acuity Test Charts


Item #9254

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This First Edition test chart was designed with Sloan letters for assessing subnormal vision and acuity ranging from 16m to 0.5M (5/200 to 20/25). This chart measures 23 x 35.5cm (9 x 14in).

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Featuring modified ETDRS with Sloan letters in Snellen equivalents, this Second Edition chart provides a convenient guide for selecting dioptic power of reading add based on test results at two distances. Acuity range differs depending on the distance. This chart is doubled-sided with different optotypes on each side, it includes a 40cm (16-inch) cord for proper viewing distance, and measures 18 x 23cm (7 x 9in).