slimline led floor lamp illustrating different positions

Slimline LED Floor Lamp


Item #2680

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Taking the original Slimline™ to another level, the third generation of Daylight Slimline comes with superb additional features. The new aluminum shade emits a brighter light with better diffusion. A four-step dimmer allows brightness control. The floor base has slimmed down while the round switch adds neatness to the finishing touch.

Light up large work areas, like your home office, craft room, or living room couch. This stunning brushed chrome lamp gives you plenty of bright Daylight™ light for comfortable crafting and reading. With the 2 unique flex points, you can swiftly direct the light exactly where you need it. The slim head design gives you perfect lighting conditions, with optimal shadow-free lighting. This lamp comes with bright Daylight LEDs which are energy-saving and reduces eye strain and gives you true color matching.



  • Bright Daylight 6000K LEDs - now with 4 brightness levels
  • Stylish brushed chrome finish, for modern interiors
  • Lamp brightness 3,000 Lux at 30 cm; 1,065 lumens; 13W
  • See comfortably with Daylight™ light, ideal for true color matching and reducing eye strain
  • Two unique flexible joints to easily adjust height and light angle
  • Height adjustable from 40"-50" and 35" long reach