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Stella IQ Professional



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The StellaIQ is the latest low-vision lighting solution from Stella Lighting. This lamp is the first of its kind to utilize red, green, and blue LEDs to create most of the colors visible to the human eye. The dynamic and innovative app that pairs with the StellaIQ, allows your patients to select preset lighting that has been optimized for multiple eye diseases and customize it for their individual needs.

Stella Lighting Solutions are ideal for individuals who utilize adaptive technologies for low vision when reading, crafting, and creating.

  • Utilizes red, green, blue, and white to create most of the colors visible to the human eye
  • Pairs with a free-to-download iOS and Android app to tailor StellaIQ Professional’s settings for your patient’s needs
  • The professional app allows you to set up and adjust a patient’s lamp remotely, saving you and your patient an office visit
  • Long-lasting LEDs with over 50,000 hours with no bulbs to replace
  • Flex arm - segmented steel arm gives the user complete control to position the light exactly where it is needed
  • 5-year warranty
  • Hand-built in the United States